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Daring Stories
  • Jay Chou Dares to Discover

    Jay Chou uses technology to record ambient sounds and incorporates them into the songs he creates. He finds inspiration in sounds as diverse as a basketball game or a car driving by; he dares to discover and innovate.

  • David Beckham dares to live the moment

    Celebrating TUDOR’s #BornToDare spirit, David Beckham joins Norwegian Olympic snowboard medallist, Kjersti Buaas, in a backcountry adventure in the Alps.

  • Dare todive with David Beckham and Morgan Bourc'his

    Celebrating Tudor's #BornToDare spirit, David Beckham joins world champion free diver and friend of Tudor, Morgan Bourc'his, in open water.

  • Lady Gaga Dares to Embrace Her Roots | TUDOR Watch

    One of the elements that gives Lady Gaga the strength to dare is her family. Italian immigrants who dared to stay true to their roots and worked hard, they served as her inspiration to become the success she would later embody.

  • Lady Gaga Dares to Dream | TUDOR Watch Official

    Lady Gaga was born with the nerve to stop at nothing to follow her dreams. With her every action and her every word is a manifestation of her fight to turn her vision into a reality.

  • Lady Gaga Dares to be Vulnerable

    Lady Gaga is known for taking risks but daring to take risks is not possible without being vulnerable. There is strength in vulnerability that allows for unfathomable moments in life.

  • David Beckham Dares to Embrace What Matters

    Life is made up of moments that can shape our perspective and our future, David Beckham recounts a time that reminded him of the simplicity in young generations discovering a passion.

  • David Beckham's Watch & His Daring Story

    David Beckham understands the value of spending time riding motorbikes with friends, in nature, and the possibilities that come from disconnecting from daily life, all in the company of his reliable TUDOR.

  • David Beckham Dares to Inspire a Nation

    Of all the moments in David Beckham’s illustrious career, the time he represented England as team captain remains his proudest accomplishment. To this day, he still gets goosebumps reminiscing about playing for his country.

  • Beauden Barrett Dares to Start a Legacy

    Beauden Barrett’s first TUDOR watch, the one he wears the most, has been all over the world with him. It has weathered storms and seen oceans around the world. One day, he believes it will be on the wrist of his grandchild.

  • Beauden Barrett Dares to Play

    At the 2015 Rugby World Cup final, the All Blacks’ unstoppable Beauden Barrett ran as fast as he could to score the try that secured New Zealand’s status as the best team in the world.

  • Beauden Barrett Dares to Challenge Himself

    Looking back on his career, Beauden Barrett remembers his dream as a boy in his back yard. All he ever wanted was to be a player with the All Blacks. He has always aimed high and to do better, and proves that humility goes a long way.

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