26 avr. 2024

Tudor Pro Cycling Team Takes on the Giro d'Italia!

This is the first ever Grand Tour for the team, only two years after its creation.


For many cycling fans, the Giro d’Italia represents the most pure and daring race on the entire calendar. Donning the “maglia rosa”, or pink jersey, is an achievement that’s certainly as lauded by the cycling world as earning the right to wear the yellow jersey in the Tour de France. It’s an absolutely iconic race, with the romance, beauty, and rawness of cycling all put on full display. Some say it’s the most challenging race in existence, and that’s exactly why Tudor is the official timekeeper as well as a competitor.

This year, for the first time ever, the Tudor Pro Cycling team will compete in the storied race and fight for a chance to wear the Maglia Rosa. Tune in to watch the Tudor Pro Cycling Team compete starting Saturday, May 4th.