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6 avr. 2023

Fabian Cancellara and TUDOR Pro Cycling Dare to Dream - EP01

Eurosport's latest docuseries follows the incredible journey of the TUDOR Pro Cycling Team.


Fabian Cancellara knew his career as a professional cyclist was over the moment he crossed the finish line at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro on October 22 2016. The first thing he did after snagging the gold medal was announce his retirement. He didn't exactly know what he would do next—but one thing was for sure, he wouldn’t be leaving the world of cycling completely.

Fast forward to 2022 and the TUDOR Pro Cycling team was born, built from the ground up under the stewardship of Cancellara and TUDOR. Taking the structure from the Swiss Racing Academy and supercharging it with professional know-how, Cancellara built a team that focused first on the human element of cycling. Winning comes from hard work and dedication, but Cancellara knew that winning the right way was what mattered most above all.

Get a behind the scenes look at Fabian’s journey and the process of building a team from the ground up, the TUDOR way, with Eurosport’s newest mini-documentary series Dare to Dream. Watch it below.

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