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  • 39mm steel case
  • Rubber strap
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Tudor Master ChronometerSwiss Confederation
Swiss Made
Swiss Made
Certification by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC)
Precision at two temperatures, in six different positions and at two different levels of power reserve: 100% and 33%
Waterproof to 200 m (660 ft) in accordance with ISO standard
Smooth functioning when exposed to a magnetic field of 15,000 gauss and precision following exposure
Power Reserve
65-hour power reserve

Watch Specifications

Reference: M7939G1A0NRU-0002

  • Black Bay 58 GMT

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    Black Bay 58 GMT

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  • How to set your watch

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    • Rotatable bezel

      The rotatable bezel displays the time indicated by the 24-hour hand. It can be turned to 48 positions in either direction.

    • Date Window

      Displays the current date.

    • Winding crown

      The winding crown is used to set the time and date and to wind the watch if it has not been worn. The winding crown is screwed down onto the case to ensure water resistance. It must be fully tightened after each manipulation.

    • 24-hour hand

      This hand corresponds to the reference time. 24-hour hand moves around the dial once every 24 hours. According to the position of the bezel, this hand displays a second or a third time zone.

    • Seconds hand

      The seconds hand can be adjusted via the winding crown or left unchanged when setting the time to different time zones.

    • Hour hand

      This hand corresponds to local time. This hand moves around the dial once every 12 hours.

    • Minute hand

      The minute hand can be adjusted via the winding crown or left unchanged when setting the time to different time zones.

    • Reference time

      The reference time is your “home” or “main” time zone. During a journey, the reference time is indicated by the trianguler tipped 24 hour hand. Setting the reference time also moves the conventional hour hand (local time). For this reason, the reference time must be set before setting the local time.

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