TUDOR is joining forces with Nic von Rupp, a Portuguese local legend big wave surfer who, in the last five years, has proven himself as one of the leading figures in the world of big waves, pushing the limits of what is possible at death defying breaks such as Nazare, Maverick’s and Jaws.

Big Wave surfing is #BornToDare

Big wave surfing is an uncompromising and unforgiving sport; a pursuit for the bold and a true reflection of the spirit that has driven TUDOR since its inception. TUDOR’s #BornToDare signature celebrates the adventures of daring individuals who, over the years, have achieved the extraordinary on land, ice, in the air and underwater, with a TUDOR watch on their wrists. It also refers to the revolutionary vision of Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of TUDOR, who dared to manufacture affordable watches that are able to withstand the most extreme conditions. Finally, it is a testament to TUDOR’s uncompromising approach that has helped to make it what it is today; at the cutting edge of the watchmaking industry, with unique innovations that have become essential benchmarks. The #BornToDare spirit is supported globally by artists and sportswomen and men alike, whose remarkable achievements are the result of a fearless and visionary approach to life. With Nic von Rupp joining the ranks of the extraordinary personalities of the TUDOR family, the brand further cements its global involvement with surfing.


Born in 1990, to a German/American father and Swiss mother, and raised in Sintra, Portugal, Nic von Rupp’s international background gave him an early curiosity for travel and adventure. At just 9 years old Nic began surfing, and his hunger to win would lead him to a successful career as a junior, winning national and international titles. When he turned professional, Nic began traveling globally on the World Qualifying Series where he truly excelled, leading him to being named “European Surfer of the Year” in 2013.

Going Big

As his experience and talent grew so too did Nic’s desires to chase even more daring surfing experiences. He began to chase massive swells around the globe at a moment’s notice, often riding the best big wave of any particular day. His confidence in the water made him hungry for the ultimate challenge that the sport could offer and so he entered the dangerous realms of competitive Big Wave Surfing.

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