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Morgan Bourc'his

It was in 2014 that the paths of TUDOR and Morgan Bourc'his crossed for the first time. The brand, which is specialized in diving watches since the mid-1950s and has historically supplied the world's largest navies, was producing an advertising film for its famous Pelagos line, which was to involve a freediver. A role played by Morgan Bourc'his, who would remain, since then, in contact with TUDOR.

About Morgan Bourc'his

Morgan Bourc'his was born in 1978 in Touraine, in the centre of France. From an early age, he excelled in swimming and at the age of 22, he gave in to the call of the sea and decided to settle in Marseille to devote himself to freediving.

As part of the French national team, he became CNF World Champion in 2008 and 2013, where he broke the French record with depth of -89 metres without fins or assistance. Morgan improved this record in 2017 with -90m and won his third CNF World Champion title in 2019 with a depth of -91m.

The Quest for Nature

The history of TUDOR is scattered with adventurers who have gone beyond their own limitations and those of humanity: from the vision of Hans Wilsdorf, the brand's founder and an innovator of early wristwatches, to the determination of the explorers of Greenland's icy terrain in the 1950s and the bravery of professional divers who explore the five oceans. Today, Morgan Bourc’his embodies this pioneering spirit and, The Quest for Nature, is helping to continue this tradition. A friend of TUDOR and an accomplished athlete with multiple world championship titles, here he reinvents himself as an observer of the natural world and documentary maker in one of the most hostile environments imaginable for a diver, in contact with some of the biggest creatures on the planet.

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