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Fabian Cancellara
Personal Excellence & A Generous Spirit

Fabian Cancellara is someone who has always carved his own path. Born and raised in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland, he fell in love with cycling almost by chance. After dedicating his younger years to other sports like football and cross-country skiing, he found a bike and never looked back. It turned out that he had a knack for cycling and quickly found himself on a trajectory toward the upper echelons of the global sport, competing on the world stage while still a teenager, turning heads, and gaining a reputation as one of cycling’s emerging stars.

Pushing himself further and further

Pushing himself further and further, he would go on to win two Olympic medals, four World Titles, seven Monument Classics, and many other top-tier cycling competitions. For most, this would be enough. But, for Cancellara, it was just the beginning.

Individual success was not enough for him. Rather, Cancellara chose to parlay his own victories into platforms for helping others, with a particular focus on empowering the next generation of cycling talent to maximize their potential and drive the sport into the future. This includes his work with the Granfondo “Chasing Cancellara” series and the “Kids on Wheels” program – and, of course, with the TUDOR Pro Cycling Team.

TUDOR Pro Cycling Team

The TUDOR Pro Cycling Team is a partnership between TUDOR and Cancellara, combining his know-how, experience, and passion with TUDOR’s daring spirit and technical prowess. The goal is to develop a roster of skilled cyclists who can push the sport into the 21st century, eventually capturing podiums in the world’s top races. The team embodies everything Cancellara has worked for in his career, from power on the race course to excellence off of it. 

Making this even more of a harmonious partnership is Cancellara’s continued focus on Swiss cycling. From the cyclists themselves (including Swiss champion and TUDOR Pro Cycling Team member, Robin Froidevaux) to equipment manufacturers like BMC, Cancellara never forgets his home country, both growing the sport in Switzerland and growing Switzerland’s prominence on the world stage.

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