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Visit the TUDOR Boutiques in Geneva and Zurich Next Week!

Want to see all the new TUDOR watches from Watches and Wonders? The boutiques in Geneva and Zurich will have them—and you can even leave with a new watch, too.


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It’s not only the watch industry insiders who get to have all the fun and see all the new watches as soon as they come out— when it comes to TUDOR, you can too!

TUDOR’s new watches drop the morning of April 9th. And outside of Watches and Wonders, only two places on earth will have all the new TUDOR models for you to check out, and those two places are the TUDOR boutique in Geneva and the TUDOR Boutique in Zurich. The boutiques will have a limited number of new watches in stock to buy as well.

If that’s not enough of a reason to stop by the TUDOR Boutique in Geneva next week, consider all that’s happening with Watches in the City, where the TUDOR Boutique will be hosting fans of the brand with bagels, TUDOR Swag, and some surprise appearances by the TUDOR ambassadors! The fun starts at 5:30 on April 11th at the TUDOR Boutique in Geneva. All the details of Watches in the City can be found here.