Dissecting the Details of the TUDOR Bronze Bracelet

For the first time ever TUDOR has produced a bracelet entirely made from bronze.

Bronze is an alloy with properties that differ from those of stainless steel. The craftsmanship and technical mastery required to produce a watch case fashioned from bronze is both distinct and rare. Working with bronze is rewarding for this reason, and the unique character that the material takes on makes it even more special. It’s a “living” metal. This particular alloy used by TUDOR is a high-performance aluminum bronze alloy, and it’s used in naval engineering and fabrication for maritime parts that spend their life submerged, like the propeller of a ship. The alloy is particularly resistant to corrosion, and while that property is celebrated in industrial applications, it’s also capable of developing a beautiful patina reflective of the wearer’s environment when it comes to the Black Bay 58 Bronze. And it’s not only the case that takes on that character.

In making the Black Bay 58 Bronze, it’s the first time TUDOR has ever produced a bracelet entirely made from bronze. Working with bronze is particularly challenging, and requires crucial technical know-how to get right. The bracelet is fashioned in the style of the TUDOR bracelet from the ‘50s and ‘60s, with rivet-style accents that support a charming vintage aesthetic. The bracelet is made from the exact same alloy as the case, meaning they will age in unison and develop patina together. From a technical standpoint, the bronze bracelet stands out as well; it’s equipped with TUDOR’s cutting-edge T-fit clasp, all machined from a single block of bronze as well.

The bracelet is one of the components of a modern watch that still requires hand assembly. Each link is screwed to the next link by hand, making it one of the most time-consuming stages of watch production. Additionally, the bracelet is fitted to the watch case entirely by hand and inspected to make sure the tolerances are tight and stand up to the rigorous standards TUDOR holds.

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