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26 mar 2024

Why METAS Matters: Inside Master Chronometer Certification

The Master Chronometer certification makes a big difference. This stimulating video explains how and why.


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Currently, two models benefit from the rigorous METAS Master Chronometer certification carried out by TUDOR at the Manufacture in Le Locle, Switzerland. The new Black Bay that was released at Watches & Wonders 2024 and the Black Bay Ceramic released in 2021. Eventually, all TUDOR watches will be Master Chronometer certified. So what exactly does it take to earn the Master Chronometer certification?

To understand the certification, we have to understand the role of the Federal Institute of Metrology, or METAS for short. This is a government backed body that is responsible for developing and maintain standards related to metrology on a national level. In their own words:

The Federal Council expects METAS to provide industry, the administration and the scientific community with an effective metrological infrastructure together with the measurement principles and metrological services they require.

Watchmaking is such an important element of Swiss culture that it’s been added to UNESCO’s List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It’s considered a “living tradition” in Switzerland. Naturally, the Swiss government is heavily involved in the industry, all the way down to the certification level. While the METAS Master Chronometer Certification takes place at the TUDOR Manufacture in Le Locle, an official from METAS sits inside the manufacture and performs spots checks and inspections to make sure TUDOR is maintaining the rigorous standards put forth by METAS.

The testing is done on an entire floor in the TUDOR Manufacture, and robots help carry out the process by freeing up humans to focus on tasks where they can add value. Keep an eye out in video for a guest appearance from the robot in the video.

The Master Chronometer standards include specific parameters which be met in five areas of compliance; watch the video above to see what they are and how TUDOR certifies its watches!

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