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17 nov 2023

Tudor Pro Cycling Looks Back on a Successful Season

Did the human-centered approach pay off? You bet.


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The team started as a bold vision: gather a group of daring riders, ready to invest their career in a team that would be built from the ground up. There was no fancy marketing, no cool reputation, or anything other than believing in putting the human first when the team began. Of course, they were all issued a custom team-only Black Bay Chronograph, but that was further down the list of reasons to join the team. Building a team from scratch meant putting in more work, more often than the competition.

And now that the season’s over, Tudor Pro Cycling riders can look back at their accomplishments—a staggering 11 victories in total—and see the result of all that time in the saddle training hard. Watch the video below to re-live the trials and tribulations of the 2022-2023 Tudor Pro Cycling season.

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