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27 mar 2024


That’s right, TUDOR is now the Official Timekeeper of Inter Miami CF, a fútbol team in the land of football.


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That’s right, TUDOR is now the Official Timekeeper of Inter Miami CF, the global Club bringing world-class fútbol to fans locally and worldwide. Born from a daring spirit, the Club is now one of the hottest teams in sports in just its fifth season.

TUDOR believes in a Born To Dare Spirit and that’s exactly what TUDOR ambassador and Inter Miami Co-Owner David Beckham alongside Managing Owner Jorge Mas and Co-Owner Jose Mas represent and pursued through the audacious and visionary journey to build a fútbol Club like no other. The global Club, built entirely from scratch and launched on a principle of Freedom to Dream, is now home to some of the best players in the world.

To make the Club stand out, Inter Miami CF chose pink, an iconic colour that reflects South Florida’s vibrant soul and has captivated the world. A colour that represents the daring spirit of the Club and its fans. This is the spirit that gave birth to TUDOR, close to a century ago, an attitude that’s summarized in our brand signature Born To Dare.

Now, TUDOR is the Official Timekeeper of the most exciting football team and that means you will be seeing the TUDOR Shield around Inter Miami’s Chase Stadium. Speaking of watches tied to Inter Miami CF, TUDOR worked with David Beckham long before the Club was born, and many years ago TUDOR presented him with a unique TUDOR Pelagos model bearing the Inter Miami CF crest on the dial. David has been wearing that watch for every match. In a way, TUDOR has been with Inter Miami CF since day one, only now it’s official.