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7 nov 2023

TUDOR Anticipates Big Wave Competitions

The competition could take place any day now.


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The big wave season is now upon us, with the World Surf League officially announcing that the period in which the Tudor Nazaré Big Wave Challenge in Nazaré, Portugal can take place, has just started. Additionally, the waiting period for the other global big wave competition, the Tudor Jaws Big Wave Challenge on Maui, Hawaii, has also just commenced.

With the waiting period open, it means that the World Surf league will be carefully monitoring the size of the waves, the patterns of the tide, the direction of the wind, and the level of fog to determine ideal conditions to launch the competition. If the conditions are looking good for a sustained period during a “yellow” phase of 72 hours, then the WSL will update the status to “green” and then it’s on! Surfers, media, sponsors, and spectators will have a 24-hour window to rush to the site of the competition.

Nic Von Rupp, a Portuguese local and legendary big wave surfer—not to mention TUDOR Ambassador—will be present at both events, with a trusty TUDOR Pelagos on his wrist.

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