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16 gen 2024

Alinghi Red Bull Racing and TUDOR Pro Cycling Swap Sports

What happens when these athletes trade cycling for sailing? And vice versa?


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The Tudor Pro Cycling Team and the Alinghi Red Bull Racing team have very different missions. When the TUDOR Pro Cycling Team isn’t racing, the riders spend their days on the road, putting time in the saddle to stay in absolute peak physical and mental condition. The Alinghi Red Bull Racing Team can be found sailing on the seas near their training camp in Barcelona, Spain, when they’re not exercising in the gym.

But where these two teams intersect is the daring spirit and approach to their disciplines.

That meant that it was easy for the TUDOR Pro Cycling Team and the Alinghi Red Bull Racing Team to swap training regimens for a couple of days and see how the other team does it. A daring mindset is transferable between competitive disciplines, but the physical aspect remains ever challenging.

The riders ditched their bikes and became skippers for a couple of days, going through the Alinghi Red Bull Racing Team’s routine. The skippers mounted the TUDOR Pro Cycling Team’s BMC bikes and took to the track at the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya to put their legs to the test.

Watch the video below to see both teams fare performing the other’s training routine.

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